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Clinic Policies

  •    When calling in for medication refills, please allow our staff 24-48 hours to fill your pet's prescription and let you know that it is ready for pick-up.

We currently do not work with Chewy, 1 800-PETMEDS or any other third-party pharmacies.  We cannot guarantee the safety, efficacy or warranty of medications purchased through those sites. Any meds you wish to purchase online can be purchased through our online pharmacy, linked at the bottom of the page.

We have historically always dispensed medications that we receive directly from the manufacturer due to manufacturing guarantee; should anything happen to your pets, there are manufacturer guarantees that will help cover treatment

  • ​       If you have to return a lab sample, such as a urine or fecal sample, please hand them to the receptionist at the front desk to ensure your sample goes out in a timely manner and your results come back quickly. Please do not drop any samples in the mailbox as it does not get checked daily and samples need to be refrigerated.  


  •        We are currently booking all of our appointments over the phone, please give us a call to book.

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