We focus on preventative care and early detection of disease to improve and extend the life of your pet. We are a full service clinic offering exceptional care for pets and outstanding service for people




We are not seeing appointments on Mondays

but a receptionist will be in from 9-3. 

We will be open Tuesday through Friday from 9-5.



Please call the front desk before entering the office. 


Anyone with respiratory symptoms please reschedule or have a non affected person drop their pet off.

We are not currently offering walk in appointments please

call to make a scheduled appointment.

We will be closed Friday, July 3rd thru Monday, July 6th.

The office will reopen at 9 am on Tuesday July 7th.   


to schedule your pet's appointment!

We want our patients to receive the best possible care year-round. We are a team! It's important to commit to responsible pet-ownership practices before and after visiting the Vet. Educate yourselves, ask questions and learn about how you can be the best possible advocate for your furry loved ones.

Owning a pet is a privilege, and with great privilege comes responsibility.

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Wellness Visits
Preventative care is one of the most important steps in properly caring for your pet. Annual (and sometimes bi-annual) exams are not only ideal for your pet's health but can save you thousands in medical expenses!

Dog and cat vaccines

Getting your pet vaccinated is an important step towards preventing communicable diseases. If you're are unsure about your dog or cat's vaccine protocol, please contact our office!

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Philadelphia spay and neuter cat and dog

There are lots of things you can do to help prevent disease and illness from affecting your furry loved ones before after visiting the Vet. Find out more about preventative measures and treatments you can use to keep your pet protected from parasites, fleas, ticks and more! 

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Dental Care
Dental health is a crucial part of your pet's overall well-being. Maintaining a healthy mouth can prevent disease and costly medical procedures. Yearly oral exams by a Veterinarian, and consistent oral care routines at home are key to preventing disease! (not to mention bad breath ;)

How dangerous are they

Heartworms, fleas and ticks, oh my! You hear us say their names but how dangerous are they really?

Get your pet to the Vet!

Read general vaccine and exam guidelines for new puppies and kittens!

Senior pets

Dogs over the age of 8 and cats over 10 should be seen by a Vet every 6 months.

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