Cats & Carriers: Friends not Foes

Check out this helpful video from catalyst council offering 5 simple steps for cat owners to use cat-friendly carriers. You want to make sure that when you travel with your cat or have to take your cat to a veterinarian, that you are able to do so without hurting your cat or yourself!

If you are still have trouble with your cat the carrier or have other questions, please feel free to call our veterinary staff at 215-232-0831


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How dangerous are they

Heartworms, fleas and ticks, oh my! You hear us say their names but how dangerous are they really?

Get your pet to the Vet!

Read general vaccine and exam guidelines for new puppies and kittens!

Senior pets

Dogs over the age of 8 and cats over 10 should be seen by a Vet every 6 months.

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2806 W. Girard Avenue
Philadelphia PA 19130
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