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Here at Girard Veterinary Clinic, we microchip our patients with the homeagain microchip. The reason we chose to use this brand is because 1. You can update your contact information for free for the lifetime of your pet and 2. They are ISO (International Organization for Standardization) compatible, meaning they can be read by microchip readers around the globe.

Recently we have been made aware that clients have received notices from homeagain that they must renew their membership for an annual fee. Please know that you never HAVE to renew your membership!

When the homeagain microchip is implanted, we have you fill out a contact information form and we register your pet with the homeagain database. This contact information is visible to any rescue/shelter/etc in case your pet is found. Once located, the finder will receive homeagain's contact information and homeagain will in turn send you phone calls, emails, mail messages - they will basically attempt to contact you almost everyday with every piece of contact information you have supplied. This is the basic microchip package. The microchip number will always be connected with your contact information and you may update it via phone, homeagain website, etc. at NO COST for the lifetime of your pet.

The "membership" that homeagain speaks of annually is to their PREMIUM package. The premium package includes:

  • 24/7 Lost Pet Recovery Call Center and Pet Specialists

  • Lost Pet Alerts including printable Lost Pet Posters

  • 24/7 Medical Emergency hotline

  • Travel Assistance for Found Pets (up to $500 travel costs reimbursed)

You receive this premium package free for the first 12 months after registering the microchip. When they say "renew your membership" this premium package trial is what they are referring to. If you decline to "renew" you just won't have access to these extra services.

We are sending out this public announcement to make sure that people aware of the somewhat misleading mail/e-mail they receive. (view a copy of it here) We want to make sure that everyone knows you do NOT need to renew this membership if you do not want to. Your pet's microchip number and your contact information will ALWAYS remain in the pet database and you can ALWAYS update your contact information whether or not you use this premium service.

We encourage you to reach out to homeagain if you would indeed like these premium services, but hope you do not feel like you have paid for them as a mistake!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate

to call our office at 215-232-0831.

We hope you are all having a safe and happy winter season!

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