All Puns Intended : Our favorite pet puns in honor of National Pet Day

National Pet Day Puns

April 11th is National Pet Day and to celebrate we compiled a list of our veterinary staff's favorite pet-related puns!

1. Is there anything cuter than a puppy with personality?

Maybe 2 puppies with personalities...

2. That face when you realize your dog didn't have an "accident" but more like an "on purpose" :

Dog chewing

3. I don't see how you can hate from outside of the rug... you can't even kitt-en


New life goal: Visit the largest meowntain on earth

it sounds pretty paw-some.

5. Everybunny seems to love these movies starring Paul Hopper and Bun Diesel, but I'm sure there are still some folks out there who don't carrot all for this type of flick...

6. I can't help but sing this next one out loud when I read it...

Philadelphia Veterinarian

7. Looks like that tooth has been trying to get out for a long time, good thing they're getting to the root of the problem...

8. And the kicker! This one is a bit long, and the puns are pretty paw-ful, but each frame the faces get cuter and cuter

The pun to end all puns!

Ok, we realize these are a bit cheesy, but we always talk about the love our pets constantly show us and very rarely do we thank them for the memes!

Happy National Pet Day to all the humans who still think they are in charge ;)

Have a favorite pet pun you think is better? Send it to us!

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