Got the Winter Blues? Signs show your pets can get them, too!

As all of these Nor'easter snow reports roll in we are reminded again

how much of a lion March can be. Animals and humans share lots of traits, and feeling extra blue in the extended winter months can be tough for both humans and pets! Philadelphia and it's surrounding areas can get very cold in the winter, and even if you have heat blasting, your dogs and cats are susceptible to the winter blues. Some signs of the winter blues include weight gain or loss, irritability, and excessive sleep.

There are things you can do to help your pets strive through the winter:

1. Encourage and even increase play-time!

Owners (understandably) spend much less time walking their pets in the long, cold winter months. Studies have shown, that even animals that stay indoors year round tend to get less "play-time" when the cold comes around. Make sure you let your animals romp and play! Doing so will increase their appetitie, and give them more excercise which helps to release those "happy" endorphines.


Often times people feel guilty for not giving their animals much attention in the darker, colder months, and try to compensate by giving more treats or even human food. This can be very dangerous to an animal's Gastrointestinal tract and can cause bigger problems such as obstructions or poisoning which are fatal if left untreated. It is best not to change any dietary needs unless you have spoken with a veterinarian. Often times pets need LESS food in the winter as they are not outside as much. Please speak with one of veterinarians before making any changes to your pets feeding habits.

3. Literally BRIGHTEN up their day!

Animals respond to light in the same way humans do: the brighter it is, the "happier" and more lively they will react. Even though the windows are closed, open the drapes and curtains during the day to let sunlight in - especially when it shines on areas they can bask in.

Don't have direct sunlight? Turn up indoor lights and replace any dying or dull bulbs to simulate the effects of sunshine

We hope EVERYONE has a happy, healthy and safe winter, and remember - SPRING IS COMING!

If you have any questions about this blog, please feel free to call our office speak with our knowledgeable veterinary technicians and veterinarians. We are located in the Brewerytown section of Philadelphia, so if you are in the area, just come stop by!

(we have treats for pets and their owners!)


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