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Our Services.

Our clinic offers a full range of Veterinary services to extend and improve your pet's life. Contact us today for more information!


Our expert Veterinary staff is current with improving medical techniques and dedicated to providing the highest quality medical care


With both in-house lab services and a full service reference laboratory, diagnostic testing is available whenever necessary. 

Laser Therapy.

The most common application of laser therapy in veterinary medicine is for musculoskeletal disease and injury but can benefit any disease that involves inflammation. Laser treatments can speed wound & incision healing time, reduce inflammation, provide pain relief and improve function for a variety of conditions.


Cryosurgery, or Cryotherapy, is a minimally-invasive technique used to treat abnormal or diseased tissues such as skin tags, warts, infected or itchy lesions, cysts, and cancerous tumors on pets.


Our surgical suite is fully equipped to perform and monitor everything from dental prophylaxis to amputations. 


Digital radiography has been updated as of 2017 with a new and improved radiology machine and software making x-rays faster and more effective in diagnoses and early detection.


Ultrasound is an imaging technique based on the use of sound waves and offers a non-invasive, non-painful method for diagnosis and staging of many diseases. Ultrasound guided fine needle aspirates also available.

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"Great staff and compassionate care..."

Great staff, compassionate care, Dr. Wilkerson and his team's total devotion to pet care and welfare is outstanding.

What Our Clients Say.

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