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Retractable leashes: yay or nay?

Retractable leashes are popular mostly because they allow canines more freedom, but there are downsides:

Are retractable leashes more on the safe or dangerous side? : Retractable leashes can extend up to 30ft making it hard to control to control your dog in a situation where there is an aggressive dog or busy street. If you are walking around a high foot/car traffic area, there is also risk of the handles slipping out of an owners hand, which can lead to many dangerous situations.

What are the different physical risks of using these leashes? : The leash itself is made up of a thin cord, which can cause burns and cuts to your dog if they get caught up in the leash. There is also a big risk of the leash breaking. There is also risk of throat and neck damage when the leash is fully extended and your pup continues to pull but has no leash left.

Will my dog pick up bad habits while using a retractable leash? : Absolutely! A dog trained on a retractable leash will fall into the habit of pulling because they do learn that this behavior is rewarded with more "freedom" from their owner. Pull behavior may look like aggression to another dog, who, in turn, may decide to fight back.

A safe pup is a happy pup!

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