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You wouldn't go years between dental exams and teeth cleanings ...should your pet? 

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As a special campaign to promote oral health (and avoid costly and painful oral surgery!) Girard Vet Clinic is offering 

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Unfortunately, periodontal disease occurs 5x's more often in pets

Without proper oral hygiene, most dogs and cats over 3 years old will show signs of periodontal disease. 

Why is oral care so important?

Good oral health is an important part of good general health for your pet and dental problems can cause, or be caused by, other health problems.

What are signs that my pet may have oral health problems?

• Bad breath

• Reduced appetite

• Broken or loose teeth

• Bleeding from the mouth

• Teeth that are discolored or covered in 


• Abnormal chewing, drooling 

   or dropping food from the mouth

• Swelling in the areas surrounding the 


• Irritability
• Changes in behavior

Why does my pet need
dental xrays?

Most dental disease occurs below the gum line where we can't see it. Damage may already be occuring even though the teeth look healthy. 

Dental radiographs are one of the most important diagnostic tools available to a veterinary dentist. They allow the internal anatomy of the teeth, the roots and the bone that surrounds the roots to be examined.

Prevention of periodontal disease in pets consists of frequent removal of the plaque and tartar that forms on the teeth. Every professional dental cleaning starts with a review of the patient’s general health and any previous dental history.

For a thorough, safe dental cleaning in veterinary patients, anesthesia is essential, as this permits a comprehensive assessment of the tissues, and allows dental radiographs to be made followed by scaling and polishing above and below the gum-line.

This February

Take 10% off dental prophylaxis and radiographs

What's included:

- Pre-anesthetic bloodwork

- Anesthesia

- Full mouth dental radiographs (xrays)

- Scaling and polishing
- Dental Kit for follow up home care

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* If your pet has not had an oral exam with our veterinarians within the last 3 months, they will need to be re-evaluated before being eligable for this promotion. Discount does not include extractions